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Cycling routes

Make no mistake! Certainly the Vexin Français is a plateau, but it is interspersed with numerous valleys which will delight the most sporty of cyclists! For lovers of quieter walks, the valley floors are the ideal terrain for an effortless discovery of the Vexin Français.

Discovering the Vexin français by bike

To start

Day walks

  • The Boucle du Vexin "Around Auvers-sur-Oise" : 33 km of dedicated lanes in the undergrowth along the Sausseron and low-traffic roads on the Hérouville plateau. Without major difficulty, it crosses Pontoise, Auvers-sur-Oise, Valmondois, Nesles-la-Vallée, Vallangoujard and Livilliers.
  • The Boucle du Vexin "Around Théméricourt" : 32 km of small tarmac roads and dirt paths punctuated by a few (small) hills. In Gouzangrez, you can opt for a 17 km sub-loop which will take you north into the Viosne sector or for a 19 km sub-loop which goes south into the Aubette de Meulan valley.
  • The Epte valley greenway: 28 km between Gasny and Gisors following the bottom of this valley, historic border between French Vexin and Norman Vexin. This route with no difference in altitude is done on a dedicated asphalt path accessible to all.
Long distance

The main routes

  • The Avenue Verte London-Paris: more than 400 km between the two European capitals using dedicated traffic lanes
    gentle and shared paths.
  • The "Seine à Vélo" (the Seine by Bike): Nearly 400 km between Paris and Le Havre or Deauville, as close as possible to the river.
  • Des 2 Vexin au Pays de Nacre : 162 km of a loop linking the French Vexin to Gisors, capital of the Norman Vexin, Chaumont en Vexin and Méru.

Discovering those routes

Greenways and low-traffic roads

Be careful !

Given the relief and the alternation of surfaces of the circuits proposed, between rural paths and small asphalt roads, the use of at least a VTC is strongly recommended. Before leaving, also check your tire pressure, and take a small repair kit!

More sporty desires?

Mountain bike tours

UFOLEP 95 has set up mountain bike routes on behalf of the Val d'Oise department starting from:

- Magny-en-Vexin

- Théméricourt

- Vallangoujard

- Vienne-en-Arthies.

The circuits are available on the valdoisemybalade website.

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