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The Vexin Français is a paradise for walkers. Covered in the undergrowth, along the length of the Jules César roadway, winding through the green valleys of Sausseron or Viosne, on long-distance hiking routes (GR 1, GR 2 and GR 11) or country (GRP de the Epte Valley), nearly 1100 km of marked paths are available to walkers. The Vexin Français is thus a privileged territory in Île-de-France for hiking!

The Vexin français, your hiking destination in Île-de-France

Prepare your calves in preparation for:

• The GR1, the Île-de-France hiking trail, runs through the east of the Vexin Français through the  Aubette de Meulan, Viosne, Sausseron and Oise valleys;

• The GR2 follows the Seine valley near the borders of Yvelines and Val d'Oise;

• The GR11 runs south-north and links the Seine valley to Aubette de Magny and Sausseron valleys;

• The  Epte valley GRP route runs along the edges of Île-de-France and Normandy;

• 66 walking and hiking routes (PR) or 860 km of trails, marked in yellow

• Created in 2021, the Traversée du Vexin connects Auvers-sur-Oise to Mantes-la-Jolie over 100 km via Marines, Théméricourt, Chaussy and La Roche-Guyon.

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Let's stay on the trails

In nature, only the path is man's territory. Stay on the paths to avoid trampling species. Don't take shortcuts and respect fragile spaces

The "Sentiers du Patrimoine" (Heritage trails)

41 walks through local history

Wash houses, mills, churches and chapels, castles or mansions, old forges and farms, old railway lines, covered walkways... reveal their particularities before the eyes of walkers! The Heritage Trails shed light on important elements of municipal history but also on the men who made its history. They most often include a table for reading the local landscape. Created by the Vexin Français Regional Natural Park in collaboration with the French Federation and the Departmental Hiking Committees, these trails promote local heritage through specific and well-integrated signage, improving visitor reception and site identification.

See the "Sentiers du Patrimoine"

Editions Rando du Parc (available only in french)

The circuits are described in “hiking kits” published by the Vexin français regional natural park in the following geographical areas:

  • Des Boucles de Seine au Pays d'Arthies
  • De la Viosne aux buttes de Rosne
  • Auvers-sur-Oise et la vallée de l'Oise
  • La vallée du Sausseron
  • De l'Aubette de Meulan à la vallée de la Montcient
  • Autour de la Chaussée Jules-César
  • Les vallées de l'Epte et de l'Aubette de Magny
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