Park and garden

Parc du Domaine de Villarceaux



The "castle at the bottom" or "old castle", located at the bottom of a valley well watered, remain a corner tower, the manor of Ninon and the court of common.

The whole is contained in a garden inspired by the Renaissance and composed of terraces, ponds and boxwood embroidery as drawn on water. Creation in the eighteenth century, the "castle at the top" has transformed the forest into a traditional garden. Large statues from the Villa d'Este in Côme, and Altieri palace in Rome, frame the farthingale, glaze grass amphitheater, which runs from the front to a pond fed by thirty-two sources. The area is home to the association within its walls are The Source object is to educate children about contemporary art.


Du 01/04/24 au 24/10/24
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