Vexin hot air balloon



Discover Vexin down from a hot-air balloon, a peaceful unforgettable journey and a soft wind!

Born of Laurent's passion, airline pilot, Hot-air balloon of Vexin suggests you living a moment unique and favored within the framework of the regional Natural reserve of French Vexin, Val-d'Oise, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, to the limits of Normandy. Flights all year parce - which all the seasons are beautiful to see seen from above.

Service top of the range - you will be only 3-4 passengers on board.


Du 01/01/24 au 31/12/24
  • Lundi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Mardi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Mercredi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Jeudi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Vendredi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Samedi : de 06h00 à 22h00
  • Dimanche : de 06h00 à 22h00

Ouvert tous les jours

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15 rue de la Coursoupe
95510 Chérence
  • Langues parlées : English, French