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Auvers-sur-Oise castle garden



The Château d'Auvers reveals a history of landscape painting and invites to an impressionist experience. From the terraces overlooking the French gardens, there is a unique view of the unspoiled landscape of the Oise Valley.

In the heart of a five 8 park, a regular said garden "French-style" spreads at the foot of the castle. Staged in terraces, he is adorned with embroidery of box tree, with a labyrinth of bowers, with a belvedere, with a nymph overlaid with shells, with a short-lived garden and of one orangery dedicated to temporary exhibitions.


Du 01/01/24 au 31/12/24
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Rue de Léry
Parking : Chemin des Berthelées
95430 Auvers-sur-Oise
  • Langues parlées : French