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Fishing associations are numerous in the Val d'Oise. They provide information on opening dates, hours of legal fishing, membership cards and to obtain authorizations. Fishing is becoming more democratic and attracts more and more people. From the age of 8 years, children can learn to fly fishing in one of nine accredited schools of the Department. For aficionados: the Federation of Val d'Oise joins the Great Western Fisheries Agreement, which allows fishermen to fish in valdoisiens 69 departments.

They inform about the dates of opening, the standard times of peach, the cards of membership to be obtained and authorizations. The peach becomes more democratic and attracts more and more world. From the age of 8 years, the children can learn about the throw to the fly in one of the nine schools approved by the Department. For the addicts: the federation of Val-d'Oise adheres to the halieutic Agreement of the Big West, what allows the valdoisiens fishermen to go fishing in 73 departments. From December 14th, 2015, the fishing licences of Val-d'Oise will be sold exclusively on the Internet via the site to cartedepeche.fr so you can buy directly your fishing licence or come to buy him at a retailer's " cartedepeche.fr ". In 2016, it is 36 Federation Secondary roads which will propose their fishing licences on the Internet.


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